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How to Become a Real Estate Agent?

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Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Are you hardworking, driven, dedicated and willing to put in the time to learn what it takes to be successful?

Would you like a career where you choose what hours you work?

Would you like to get paid what you’re worth, not what somebody else dictates?

Have you always had an interest in real estate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a career in real estate could be a good fit for you!

Real estate is an exciting, fast-paced, and financially rewarding profession. You truly can be as successful as you want to be!

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in BC?

Here are the steps that you need to take in order to become a REALTOR® :

STEP 1: Language Skills

You’ll need to be able to demonstrate competency with the English language. The Real Estate Council of BC advises that English is the main language that should be used for all real estate documents in BC. So it’s very important that you can demonstrate mastery of both written and spoken English to meet the Language Proficiency Requirement.

STEP 2: Education

In order to become licensed you will need to take two courses. The first course is the UBC Real Estate Trading Services Licensing Exam which is a comprehensive course available through the University of British Columbia. Anyone that wants to become licensed will need to take this course regardless of whether you want to specialise in residential or even commercial real estate. It provides an introduction to all areas of the real estate profession.
The second course to be taken is the Residential or Commercial Trading Services Applied Practice Course. This will give you the practical training in either of your specialist areas (commercial/residential) and will include 30 hours of in-class training. You will have six months from passing the pre-licensing course to complete the Applied Practice Course. Proof of completion of this course will be required when you apply to the Real Estate Council of BC for your real estate license.

STEP 3: Licensing

Ask the brokerage that you plan to work with to sign your application for license. Ensure that the brokerage is a member of the real estate board within your area.
Once you have sent your signed application to the Real Estate Council of BC and as soon as your license has been approved you are officially a real estate agent but you are not a REALTOR® yet.

STEP 4: Join a Real Estate Board

The final step in becoming a REALTOR® will be to join the real estate board in your area. Once you are a member of the real estate board you will automatically become a member of the BC Real Estate Association and Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). It is only these members of CREA that can call themselves REALTOR®.
Congratulations you are now a REALTOR®.

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